Monica Johnson, DPT

Education: Bachelors in Exercise Physiology, University of Delaware. Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Maryland. 

Areas of expertise: Pediatric Physical Therapy, Licensed Practitioner for Yoga for the Special Child, Therasuit Method Certified​.

Nothing is impossible....
the word itself says 
"I'm Possible"



    ​47 E. South St, Suite 1-A, Frederick MD 21701
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    What is Yoga for the Special Child Method:

    Yoga for the Special Child Method is practiced on an individual basis or in a group setting in a non-competitive manner with emphasis on harmony and optimal effort. The method is a step by step, therapeutic hands-on approach developed and taught by Sonia Sumar. This method integrates age and developmentally appropriate hatha yoga asanas (poses), eye exercises, specialized breathing exercises, sound therapy and relaxation techniques. The yoga poses are tailored to the individual needs of the child.The goal of each session is to establish a strong bond with the child at his or her own level, to gain the child's confidence, and to increase carryover of poses to help strengthen and gain flexibility at home while working to meet their functional goals. The children discover the joy of movement, and for many families, yoga becomes a life changing experience where children learn to incorporate yoga on and off their mats, and bring it into their everyday life.



    Pediatric Physical Therapy and Yoga, LLC (PPTY) of Frederick is a private practice for infants, children and adolescents. At PPTY we focus on all the child CAN do. We provide a nurturing, supportive and safe environment for each and every child to optimize their functional potential. We offer traditional out-patient physical therapy services as well as private and group yoga sessions using Yoga for the Special Child Method. PPTY provides quality care through clinical expertise, evidenced-based knowledge, and works together with families, schools, and physicians. Our goal is to provide all children the joy of movement, acceptance, and the love of life. 

    ​​Where we focus on all your child CAN do, while helping them to achieve their functional goals.

    "Thank you for all you do to help strengthen my muscles and teaching me to be a mountain." --8 year old, boy

    "You have been in my daughter's corner since Kindergarten, encouraging her, celebrating her victories, and lending her your own strength when she was tapped out. You have watched her grow up and helped her through some really tough times. You are a constant, Monica Johnson, you are so much more then her Physical have to know that. Love and more love!"  --Michele, Mom


    PPTY Can Benefit My Child By:

    -Developing Gross and Fine Motor Skills
    -Improving Balance and Coordination
    -Improving Gait
    -Developing Core Strength and Stability
    -Reducing Muscle Spasticity and Tone
    -Improving Muscle Control
    -Increasing Body Awareness
    -Improving Respiration
    -Improving Digestion
    -Improving Self Confidence
    -Improving Self Regulation
    -Improving Range of Motion
    -Developing Improved Motor Planning
    -Improving Posture


    What is  Pediatric Physical Therapy:


    A physical therapist (PT) interviews children and their families and uses physical examinations to diagnose the source of the child's movement difficulties. From there, the therapist guides and individualizes a treatment regimen. PT's work to improve children's motor development, strength, range of motion, posture, balance, coordination, gait difficulties, heart and lung endurance, and delayed motor development. Therapy works towards developing age appropriate functional motor skills to allow the child to  interact with his or her everyday environment. Therapy also retrains the brain on how to control motor movements. A PT uses manual skills, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic activities and exercises to gain optimal functional mobility.