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​​We offer Saturday and after school hours!

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Frederick, MD 21701

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Our Services

​​​​​​Pediatric Physical Therapy and Yoga, LLC (PPTY)specializes in treating

children with developmental delays, congenital and neurological diagnosis, as well as acquired orthopedic

conditions. Clients range from newborn through adolescence.

Diagnosis(include but are not limited to):

- Cerebral Palsy                - Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Torticollis                       - Genetic Disorders

- Toe Walking                    - Muscular Dystrophy        

- Down Syndrome             - Childhood Cancer

- Arthrogryposis                - Stroke              

- Spina Bifida                    - Developmental Delay      

- ADD/ADHD                      - Prematurity



Physical Therapy Evaluation (60 min):Includes a parent interview, and thorough evaluation of the child. Therapy goals will be set and each child will be given a Home Exercise Program including 4-6 exercises to work on at home.

Physical Therapy Treatment Session (45-60 min):A one-on-one session which includes therapeutic activities/exercises, neuromuscular re-education, and manual therapy to assist in obtaining therapy goals. These sessions can include Yoga, and may be scheduled using our shared sensory/gross motor gym.

Yoga Therapy Evaluation (60 min): The first yoga session will include a parent interview as well as a screening of the child making note of his or her specific needs. It will then be followed by a 30-45 minute private yoga session. 


Private Yoga Session (45 min): This is a one-on-one yoga session tailored to meet the specific needs of the child. Each session includes Mantras (music therapy where we will involve hand movements coordinating them with sound), Pranayama (breathing exercise), Eye Exercises, Asanas (variety of poses), and Deep Relaxation.

Group Yoga Session (45 min):Provides a unique opportunity for children to develop social skills, practice together and reinforce their interest in yoga. These classes are for children 3yrs and older and meet 1-2 times per week.


Yoga Sessions (Private vs. Group):

There are many cases where a private yoga session proves preferable to a group setting. After a complete evaluation of the child, the therapist will choose asanas (poses) to assist the wants and needs of the child and to meet their functional goals. Throughout these sessions the focus remains on all the child CAN do, and works with the child from the inside out. These sessions can also be helpful to teach caregivers how to provide yoga assistance at home. Several private sessions may help transition students into a group class. Please contact us to see what type of class/session would best fit the needs of your child.